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Baby Nomad Yoga Classes
Baby Nomad Yoga Classes
Baby Nomad Yoga
Baby Nomad Massage And Yoga
Baby Massage
pregnant yoga
Baby massage and Nurture
baby yoga
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Baby Nomad
Massage and yoga
for parents & babies
Julie Bickerton baby nomad

I’m Julie Bickerton, founder of Baby Nomad, here to support and nurture you throughout pregnancy and early motherhood.

My philosophy is to promote positive touch and accessible yoga. Providing a safe space where we can be honest and open about our experiences as parents, facilitates building a community where friendships are made.

After my training as a baby massage instructor and having my son, my fascination with babies continued to grow and broaden.

I feel very lucky in my vocation. I love what I do and I continue to learn from every baby and parent that I meet.

baby nomad book on amazon
Baby Massage for Beginners

An easy to follow, fun guide on baby massage to fill you with confidence giving you a lifelong skill in positive touch.

Makes a great gift for new parents!


These are the 9 most useful tips for new mums & babies to help you long term and daily.


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