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Welcome to the amazing and often terrifying journey of early motherhood. It’s miraculous that your baby has found it’s way onto this earthly plane, but it is entirely normal that you may still feel a little lost at sea. My classes are designed to help you and your baby to ride these choppy waters, by sharing, supporting, relaxing, bonding, offloading, laughing, and even crying with other mums sharing in your same boat. The goal of all my sessions is not to “fix” but to to create a healthy and open environment for each of us to “flourish” in the challenges that are a natural part of motherhood.


Please join us for this exciting and supportive opportunity to nurture both yourself and your baby. To learn more about the Baby Nomad Massage Method, take a look at the available Baby Massage and Mummy Nurture courses and book your place now.


Over 7 weeks you’ll learn techniques that can help your baby to soothe, digest and sleep better all while establishing a deep and loving bond with you. Each session is a unique and rich opportunity to focus only on the bond between you and your baby with no other interruptions.

Creating a community of new mums, I bring you all together to learn how massage can help you and your baby. You will learn the Baby Nomad Massage Menu, an easy to follow, memorable set of strokes, songs and stretches with many physical and emotional benefits.
My focus is also on you as a new mother, incorporating post natal yoga, breathwork and mindfulness to help you manage your emotional and physical healing.

Mixed into our massage session will be an opportunity to tap into your inner mama and commune with your fellow mums. We will explore and talk about important issues facing all mums such as….

● Settling into motherhood
● Unearthing and establishing your confidence as a new mother
● Understanding your baby’s ‘language’
● The power of the resting hand
● The safe embrace
● Use of breath to help calm and replenish
● Easing post natal discomfort and strengthening your pelvic floor
● Helping your baby’s digestive system (wind, ‘colic’, constipation, gas)
● Singing and sound
● Gentle stretches for baby
The benefits of joint relaxation for both mother and baby.

This is for mothers and babies from 2 weeks  until your baby starts crawling. The earlier you start, the more confidence you get as a new mum and your strength will be regained quicker by following the post natal exercises.

After the 7 weeks you will go onto Mum & Baby Yoga.

“The course exceeded my expectations.  I found the massage tremendously therapeutic for me as well as for my baby, and really feel that the engagement and bonding that the massage facilitated has been invaluable to both of us.  She loves her massage sessions and attending the course has given me the confidence to spend time just ‘being’ with her, stroking and talking to her without feeling “I must do the ironing/I must put the dinner on” every time she has a quiet moment!”

“Excellent.  Very relaxed and baby-friendly.  Julie is a very encouraging instructor, completely unphased by tears and tantrums of the little ones, and endlessly patient in teaching us all.  She has a great sense of humour and I was particularly touched by her exceptional kindness to Matilda and I.”

Benefits of Baby Massage

Relieves colic
Regulates sleep patterns
Aids digestion
Aids circulation
Creates body awareness
Stimulates the immune system
Helps with coordination
Can help with respiratory problems
Improves physical strength
Improves for skin tone
Can help with teething


Socialises both parent and baby
Encourages communication
Encourages bonding between parent and child
Promotes feelings of security
Encourages relaxation
Teaches parent & child respect to touch
Encourages feelings of love
Empowers – allows baby to make own decisions – helps parent and baby make decisions together
Can help with relationships later in life
Improves body awareness & self esteem
Builds confidence and support with other parents
Helps eye contact and for the parent to really get to know baby
Great for fathers- hands on right from birth!

These are the 9 most useful tips for new mums & babies to help you long term and daily.


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