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Reflexology is, put simply, the theory that the organs and structure of the body is mirrored in the feet and by massaging specific points of the feet, we can affect the corresponding parts of the body.

This workshop can be attended as a one off or as an add on if you have done baby massage with me. We go deeper into the subject and look at those baby gripes that every parent would like to ‘fix’. Reflexology is not a solution but it gives you, as a parent, a variety of tools which may help you and your baby with:

  • Teething
  • Digestive issues (including ‘colic’ and constipation)
  • Releasing head and neck tension
  • Colds and snotty noses
  • Crying

As with all my classes you will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you manage your own parental stresses.


Would you like to take part in this amazing course. Take a look at the available Baby Nomad courses or book your place now.

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