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Classes provide a safe haven for you to explore the connection between you and your baby.

We make physical space in the body and emotional space in the heart for your baby whether it’s your first or subsequent pregnancy.

These classes support you throughout your pregnancy and teach you relaxation, important BREATHING techniques, yoga, massage, movement and sound to help prepare and empower you for giving birth.

Every class ends with a deep RELAXATION allowing you to release tension and help quiet the mind. You and your baby are nourished and energy is replenished.

Limited availablity

I started pregnancy yoga with Julie when I was 14 weeks pregnant. From the moment I walked into her class I instantly fell in love with her warm personality and beautiful way of teaching. She creates a safe space for me to laugh, cry and meet beautiful friends. During my labour and birth I used the techniques I learnt during all of my classes…Julie’s classes gave me great confidence to believe in myself and my body. By attending Julie’s classes I found my village of mums
Iwalda Howard

These are the 9 most useful tips for new mums & babies to help you long term and daily.


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