Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga (from 14 weeks to birth)

These classes provide you with a safe haven for yourself and your baby so together you can explore your connection whilst pregnant. Make physical space in your body and spiritual space in your heart for your baby.

Together with your fellow mamas to be, you are supported throughout your pregnancy learning relaxation and breathing techniques, yoga, massage , movement, dance and sound to help prepare and empower you for labour.


Helps you to feel confident in your ability to give birth.
Awareness of your birthing muscles involved with pregnancy and birth.
Alleviates many pregnancy discomforts.
Allows your body to release tensions and the mind to become still.
Provide nourishment and renewed energy for you and your baby.

Classes can become body memories and as a birthing woman you will remember certain things, in particular the breathing, which will help you in all situations throughout your life.


£75 for 5 weeks (1 hour 30 minutes)

Please see Timetable for dates

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