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Leave your busy schedule behind to love, share and laugh together as a family. Using your bodies, voices, music, games and creativity you will learn massage, breathing techniques, yoga postures and relaxation which will connect your family. This is a wonderful introduction to yoga for both you and your children with numerous benefits.

These are some questions I often get asked…
“My child won’t sit down for a minute, he’ll just tear around the hall” So what? That’s fine too. Children take on board the actions of others and if you as parents are joining in instead of trying to get them to ‘behave’ they may just join you!

“I’m worried that my child will be disruptive” As above- trying to get children to do something they don’t want to do will cause you and your child more anxiety so get stuck in there and see what happens! Yoga is about letting go of these expectations.

“I’ve got a young baby- can they be involved?” Absolutely, I teach baby yoga and will give you plenty of alternatives.

“I’ve never done yoga before, I’m really inflexible”
Me too! I have had my hip resurfaced and I work within my capabilities, I don’t expect you to have practised yoga before but if you have you can explore and expand your current practice with your children.

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I have been going to Julie’s classes since my daughter was a few weeks old. In the early days this helped tremendously with bonding and learning my babies cues. The nurturing and supportive environment she creates and the way she facilitates the sessions is why we keep coming back. I have not found classes as good as hers. We now regularly attend family yoga classes. As my daughter is getting older it provides an inclusive environment where she can express herself and for parents too. One session we all rolled along the floor. I hadn’t done this in years. We had so much fun together and dad gets to come too as it is on a Saturday. After all the fun the relaxation element is beautiful as we all get to relax together and just be which is sometimes a rare occurrence in our busy lives.

These are the 9 most useful tips for new mums & babies to help you long term and daily.


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