Family Yoga (from babies to 6 years old)

Mad-on-yogaYoga for children and families of all abilities.

Leave your busy schedule behind to love, share and laugh together as a family. Using your bodies, voices, music, games and creativity you will learn massage, breathing techniques, yoga postures and relaxation which will connect your family.


Improved communication between family members.
A strengthening of family bonds.
Learning how to relax and visualise together.
Improves sleep patterns.
Parents learn to let go of the annoyances, irritations and social expectations.
FUN! Family yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose but about being and learning together.


£18 per mat (up to 2 adults & 2 children)   1 hour 15 minutes

Please see Timetable for dates

Call me on 07894468224 or email me to book