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Mad on Oils
Essential Oils have been used for hundreds of years for their therapeutic qualities and now 20th century medicine is harnessing these medicinal marvels. Doterra Essential Oils are at the forefront of bringing the highest quality oils and blends to mainstream medicine, heading research, co-impact sourcing (where the growers get huge benefits from being part of the Doterra family), building medical centres and helping communities.
I specialise in using these oils throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, post partum and with your young family. Having used them personally to great advantage with my family I have plenty of experience that I can share with you.
Would you like to discover more about how essential oils can help you and/or your family to live a life of natural wellbeing? I would love to help you on your journey and empower you by sharing the power of this natural medicine within safe applications.
How do you do this?
  • Join my facebook group Mad On Oils to learn more about these certified therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Host a party with your friend.
  • Come to one of my workshops
When you’re ready to get started please get in touch so that I can help guide you.

Take a look at the current Mad on Oils classes in your area. Please contact me to host an educational party.


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