Mum & Baby Yoga (from 3 months to cruising)

Mum & Baby yoga is a yoga based practice with you and your baby. You don’t need any previous yoga experience, you will be gently guided by me to get back in touch with your body,  gain confidence in handling your baby, learn loads of songs & have fun – it’s just pure, simple, joyous interaction and they love socialising with other babies.

Benefits (mum & baby)

Aids digestion and circulation.
Can help the baby sleep more deeply.
Strengthens and aids physical development.
Enhanced interaction & communication between parent and baby
The baby’s enjoyment of the positive stress of yoga will increase the babies ability to cope with future challenges
Tactile stimulation contributes to the development of the brain and the nervous system.
Helps to regain strength and maintain posture
Tones the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
Nurturing oneself whilst enjoying activities with your baby
Deep relaxation to help cope with the stresses of early parenting.

Have a look at my YouTube videos for some free baby yoga action!
Classes are ongoing and progressive with your baby’s development.


£60 for 5 weeks (1 hour 1 5 minutes)

Please see Timetable for dates

Call me on 07894468224 or email me to book