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“I want to get back to mothering the mother—and remind you to be mindful and patient.”
Once you become a mother, everything changes—your body, your obligations, your priorities. Not only do you need to heal physically, but you’re responsible for another human being. It’s easy for you to put your needs aside in the interest of your baby’s.
Birthing a child is the most incredible experience you, your baby and your body will ever go through, whether you gave birth vaginally or by C-Section. Expecting your body to regain shape, proportion, elasticity and vigour is something that may happen over time but in many cases your body (and mind) will have irrevocably changed. Even if you think you haven’t changed, you have. In these classes you will learn how to reconnect with your body after childbirth.
This class explores a gentle progression of yoga poses for toning your body, regaining your shape, renewing your strength, nurturing your heart and encouraging well being whilst your journey as a mother continues.
You will learn how to develop your strength and confidence, through breath, sound and movement; ease tight shoulders and sore backs with simple but strong stretches for you; learn postnatal yoga postures for regaining your shape and tone post birth from the inside out; learn how to re align your pelvis, spine and shoulders after birth; help you to relieve issues with joints, pelvic floor, poor posture, split abdominal muscles and to strengthen the core muscles that will support more comfortable future pregnancies and long term female health.
You may be flooded with conflicting emotions while simultaneously trying to manage all the physical demands of motherhood. Taking time for complete relaxation at the end of class is a good way for you to recuperate and calm your mind.


Please join us for this course. To learn more about the Post Natal Yoga read on or click below to sign up to Baby Nomad Courses and Workshops now.


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