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Mad on Oils Baby Range



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BABY BREATHE for snotty noses and congestion
Contains essential oils of cardamom which helps respiration; is a decongestant can help ease bronchitis and is antibacterial. Frankincense which is good for coughs increases breathing capacity, it is a expectorant and can be effective for asthmatics.

BABY SLEEP for helping sleep. This can be used for toddlers and older children too.
contains Lavender which is calming & soothing and can help with sleep. Frankincense eases irritability, decreases restlessness and is a sedative.

BABY TEETHING for those horrid teething pains.
for your baby’s teething torments. Contains lavender to calm & soothe; Siberian Fir which is a natural analgesic and eases inflammation.

BABY BELLY for wind, gas, digestion and ‘colic’
Contains essential oils of cardamom which helps with digestion, calms ‘nervy tummy’ (colic), eases abdominal pain, may help with hiccups
Fennel which helps with digestive system support, dissipates gassy tummy, good for tummy aches and is antispasmodic.



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