Pregnancy Yoga

‘I was suffering from breathlessness and found it tricky with my 17 month old to find time to rest and relax. Your advice and guidance with your breathing exercises has had a great improvement on my breathlessness and the relaxation you have provided us with has made me realise that it is possible to relax and switch off without allowing my mind to wander.’ Kylie

‘It was the breath of fresh air my brain and body needed. As someone with a holistic back ground both training and using for my own well being I know my brain and body does not work well with conventional practices. I’ve kept myself away from any thing to do with my birth apart from a mind body hypnosis CD that I’ve found very empowering.
I’ve been using the alignment and posture positions both standing and sitting whilst at work and have been much more comfortable. What I’m trying to say is thank you for filling me with confidence in my own body and what it needs.’ Roz

‘I would highly recommended this pregnancy yoga class in preparation both physically and mentally for your new arrival. We learnt lots of practical techniques which were transferable to everyday which made life easier! Furthermore the relaxation techniques we adopted helped to keep things in perspective. The relaxing session at the end of each class left me feeling fully recharged no matter how tired I was at the beginning.  I especially gained a lot of courage and confidence from the affermations that Julies had prepared for us to share at the end of each session. At the end of the last session, as I was due first out of the group she gave me a card with the most apt affermation and everyone joined a circle round me to give the most energy filled send off I could wish for. I felt ready for anything after the five weeks build up birth preparation, so thank you so much Julie for making the difference.’ Claire

Baby Massage & Nurture

‘The course exceeded my expectations.  I found the massage tremendously therapeutic for me as well as for my baby, and really feel that the engagement and bonding that the massage facilitated has been invaluable to both of us.  She loves her massage sessions and attending the course has given me the confidence to spend time just ‘being’ with her, stroking and talking to her without feeling “I must do the ironing/I must put the dinner on” every time she has a quiet moment!’

‘Being able to get into a routine with the massage that my baby knows and can anticipate, and even look forward to is wonderful. It is so lovely for us both to have that time together to focus on each other 100%, with no distractions and to also know that the massages are so beneficial to her overall wellbeing.’

‘Relaxed, comfortable, informal and intuitive’

Mum & Baby Yoga

‘Thank you so much for bringing us fun, relaxation and a very special bonding opportunity.’
Martina & Freddie

‘Really enjoyed your course, I’ve been to other classes but you make a real effort to adapt it to suit each baby individually. I have gained so much confidence with Ivy because of baby yoga’
Sarah & Ivy

‘We got a lot from the course – some basic yoga (which we’d not done before), some lovely rhymes and actions, a reminder of the benefits of stretching, relaxing, and sometimes just chilling out together. As much as that we had a destination on a Tuesday morning in the grey time of year which we looked forward to, a really smiling and positive you every time we arrived, a nice group of people and no pressing ‘teaching’ atmosphere. We always left feeling good.
Our favourite bits were all of the times you responded to what the room was telling us all – that our babies were a bit active, that they were a bit too tired, that it was time to change the tempo, because that always meant we felt that we were what it was all about, not getting through a structure.
Having learned a lot without feeling we were being taught anything – now that’s genius, and for me shows just how relaxed and intuitive you are with babies and mummies!’
Jane & Thomas

Family Yoga

‘Julie’s classes are about more than just the physical aspects of balance, co-ordination and flexibility; through songs and rhymes Family yoga classes help stimulate language, listening and developmental skills; through exercising and having fun together, parent/child bonds are strengthened; and children learn the invaluable skill of deep relaxation.’
Sarah & Finnian

‘It has been great for channelling exuberant energy balls (ie Gabriel) in a calm, constructive and co-operative time with mummy – fantastic!’
Karen & Gabriel