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Pelvic tone and breathwork are the cornerstones of women’s health, wellbeing and vitality. These classes combine an exploration of the female pelvis together with yoga-based resources specially developed within the Birthlight approach to postnatal recovery (no matter how long ago) and women’s pelvic health (no matter what age or whether you have had children).
The classes focus on integrated yoga-based micro-movements to stabilize the pelvis and promote lasting alignment.
You will gain an understanding of the Birthlight yoga-based practices which are different from conventional pelvic floor toning, whether this is to promote or to repair pelvic floor tone and all the other health issues that come with a weakened core such as back pain and incontinence.


Take a look at the available Yoga for Pelvic Health courses and book your place now.


“I sought out the help of Julie as I thought I had never been quite right since the birth of my last child (7 years ago!) and I had unexpected pain in my abdomen. Drs could find no cause of pain so I felt it was a muscular skeletal problem which does not show up on their tests. 3months of daily exercises have completely changed my abdomen. I’ve worked on Julie’s exercises and managed to also sort out a long standing shoulder problem while I was fixing my core. There will never be a time in my future when I do not practice yoga now. Thank you for the gift of body knowledge.” Jude


“I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, delivered in a very nurturing and informative way. I have carried on with all the exercises taught and I am pleased to say – no panty liners for me anymore!! Tena Lady has lost a customer :-)!!” Patricia

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