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7 Simple Yoga Poses For New Mums

These 7 simple yoga poses for new mums can be done at any time with or without your baby but involving them in your yoga practice means they get to join in and they will grown up learning how to breath and move with you.


1 The Baby Lunge

We all know what a lunge is but doing it with a baby in your arms will challenge both your strength and balance. Quite often your balance is thrown off after you’ve had a baby, this is really common so this is a great exercise to do every time you pick your baby up. No need to go to an exercise class, it’s all here when you’ve got your very own set of weights aka your baby!

2 The Baby Warrior

Lovely stretch for opening up the side body, works on your balance and leg strength. Remember to breathe deeply and smile a little- it’s not all serious and your body will thank you for the appreciation it receives with that gentle gratitude 🙂

3 Baby Weightlifting with Side Stretch

Ideally your baby should be 3 months plus for this one. Do the exercises in front of the mirror so you can see your baby’s face and your own body to check your alignment. Some babies enjoy being up so high, others may not so always follow your baby’s lead. If they don’t like it, don’t do it, or maybe a smaller lift.

4 Baby Squats with Mini Drop

Babies enjoy a surprise ‘drop’. It can help with getting them out of a tizzy, may get rid of hiccups and altogether a fun thing to do together. It also builds strength in your legs and as with all these exercises, they can feel your body working so the bond between you grows and grows rather than sitting in a pushchair and watching you.

5 Let It Go!

Using your breath to really release in this exercise. Hang down, release and let the spine stretch out. Also good for opening up the back of the legs and gently stretching the hamstrings. Remember never to go beyond your ‘edge’.

6 Cat to Dog

Cat can help with lower back pain. Do it every morning and every evening and any time in between. Going into downward dog is only an option if you feel like it and always remember that it’s the breath that guides the movement.

7 Pose of a Child

I’ve put this at the end of our yoga session but this can be done at any time you feel like it. Child’s pose is really great if you’ve just had enough and want to hide out for a minute. Not that you’ll be doing this in the supermarket but you know what I mean. It also helps if you’ve got your baby there in front of you and they understand that you’ll be back in a minute without totally disconnecting from them.

I hold classes in and around the Stamford, Lincolnshire area but if you can’t get to them I have some online videos which are easy to follow for you to do at home.

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