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THE QUIET SPACE "Emotions come and go, stillness doesn't " Despite, or maybe because of my gregarious nature, I crave a time or times during the day where I need to be quiet. Be being the operative word "just be", " human…

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Letting go….11 years and counting

My son, Beau turned 11 yesterday. I have a long standing relationship with the number 11, it is often thought of as a type of wake up call. It is a sign that your subconscious is currently being unlocked (have…

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What is Baby Reflexology?

What is Baby Reflexology? So what is baby reflexology? Reflexology is a foot massage that works by stimulating the nerve endings in the feet, which correspond to organs and zones of the body, positively affecting the whole body. Baby Reflexology…

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The Benefits Of Baby Yoga

The Benefits of Baby Yoga

HIPS • Movement helps to open hip and knee joints (Butterfly, half Lotus) • Tones deeper muscles around the base of the spine • Knees to chest- stimulates the digestive system • Knees side to side- twists base of baby’…

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What Is Baby Yoga

What is baby yoga?

What is Baby Yoga? "Baby Yoga? What do you do with your babies- stretch them?!" "How do you do yoga with your baby?" "What if my baby cries or is asleep during class?" A few comments that I regularly hear.…

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When Can I Start Baby Massage

When can I start Baby Massage?

When can I start Baby Massage? I always say that labelling my classes Baby Massage & Nurture isn't really an accurate description of what you learn during the course. The reason being is that massage isn't necessarily what you think…

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When Can I Start Baby Yoga

When can I start pregnancy yoga?

If you are wondering When can I start pregnancy yoga? Then here are a point points to consider. If you've never done yoga before then this is a great time to start and be introduced to this wonderful form of movement.…

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Simple Yoga Poses For New Mums

7 simple yoga poses for new mums

These 7 simple yoga poses for new mums can be done at any time with or without your baby but involving them in your yoga practice means they get to join in and they will grown up learning how to…

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These are the 9 most useful tips for new mums & babies to help you long term and daily.