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Baby Breathe essential oil roller bottle blend 10ml

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Essential oils:
Cardamom  decongestant, eases bronchitis, antibacterial.
Frankincense eases coughs, may relieve asthma symptoms.

Ingredient(s) and usage sheet supplied with your product(s).

Dilution rates: 1 drop of each essential oil per 10ml of fractionated coconut oil.

* Ages 3 months and upwards

* I blend these oils to order. By agreeing to purchase you are responsible for the safe use of oils on your baby.


2 reviews for

  1. Debbie

    This oil was so nice to use when my youngest had the sniffles,it doesn’t have the usual menthol smell so was much nicer than the ones you get from the chemist. A swirl over her chest and back then gently massaged in seemed to do the trick and help her breathe more easily.

  2. Laura Brooke-Rogerson

    This oil is amazing. My 3.5 month old had picked up a bit of a snotty nose and was starting to cough. I rolled some oil on her feet and chest and the cough pretty much disappeared straight away, the blocked nose settled down quickly too. Amazing sfuff

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