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“Emotions come and go, stillness doesn’t “
Despite, or maybe because of my gregarious nature, I crave a time or times during the day where I need to be quiet. Be being the operative word “just be”, ” human being” “whatever will be will be” sayings which indicate this stillness,  to accept what just is.
During this time,  the phone goes to silent, the radio off and I sit and draw my full attention to every breath, every nuance of movement,  every sound and every observe every thought.
“That’s the thing with meditation,  l’m crap at it, I just keep thinking about other things.” This is what I hear from other people…and from my own monkey mind. That incessant background chatter. Well you could say that about learning how to drive a car. I won’t because I’m no good at it- but you do out if necessity. And so you prioritise  and practice until you see the outcome and then it becomes part of you,  part of your nature. So why not think about using this analogy with sitting/meditation/quietness? The outcome being a quieter mind, taming those thoughts and that low level mind chatter, less anxiety, more self acceptance and a calmer nervous system.
The Quiet Space came about as a new addition to my class programme as I noted that massage and yoga are about DOING and i see that when we do the relaxation at the end of class,  the profound effect on babies when mum relaxes.
It is an absolute must to create this time for yourself and once you experience this feeling you can start practising  on a regular basis at  home.
Having new baby means there is plenty of time to practice this (when you are feeding). In fact, your baby is your best teacher and then you can expand this practice into everyday life. Moment to moment awareness.
Every Thursday morning at 10am we are going to get together and practice this.  Through breathwork,  mindfulness,  using sound without words to calm your minds and soothe your baby.  As a collective group this can be very powerful.
There’s are the rules for the hour that we spend together:
  • No talking to eachother.  This cuts out the social niceties and in turn takes the pressure off you all to make conversation when all you want to do is BE.
  • Once the class ends and I close the circle then you quietly, without conversation gather your belongings up and you can talk outside.
  • Do not expect silence because I will be guiding the class with words and because it is a mum and baby class and babies make noise. The idea is for mum to be comfortable with this space of non verbal communication and it gives you a clearer idea of what your baby is telling you.
  • Leave all expectations at the door.
  • Leave your preconceived ideas at the door e.g. “my baby will be the one that cries/ poos everywhere /needs me to hold him for the whole time”
  • Leave your mind outside.  This experience is nothing to do with learning,  logic or understanding.
  • PLEASE COME . There are no baby groups where you can go and it is socially acceptable not to speak so if you’ve never tries anything like this before,  embrace it. You may just blow your own mind out of the water.
With love and peace 🕉💜
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