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What Is Baby Reflexology?

What is Baby Reflexology?

So what is baby reflexology? Reflexology is a foot massage that works by stimulating the nerve endings in the feet, which correspond to organs and zones of the body, positively affecting the whole body. Baby Reflexology can be done anytime because the feet are so accessible.
Have you ever had reflexology?  Some people hate their feet being touched and even have an aversion to their own feet. I say you’d be stuffed without them so show them some love!
Healing the trauma of a complicated birth can be very healing for your baby. Watch out for the signs (known as baby cues) from your baby if she has had to have lots of bloods taken while in hospital. The body holds memory and a therapeutic and respectful touch can go far in healing this. If your baby shows signs of discomfort or distress during a session then just hold the feet. Place your thumbs on the ‘bubbling spring’ which is the slight indent just below the balls of the foot and hold. Take a deep breath and release your own stress through the out breath. If your baby kicks back at you then just smile and push their feet into the palms of your hands so they have some ‘purchase’ and can show off their own strength.
Use the pads of your thumbs or fingers to press all over the feet. I call this ‘texting the feet’ but not too fast! The faster you go with the texting, the more stimulation it can be. The slower you go, the more your baby feels the relaxed pace of the touch. I won’t go into too much details here, but using this method all over the feet can help clear the energetic and physical pathways of your baby’s body.
Massaging up the underneath of each toe may help with relieving sinus congestion. Just like rubbing butter into flour, open up the toes and while you’re there, have a clear out of all the gubbins in between the toes- sock fluff, dog hair, cot fleece!
What is baby reflexology?
Babies love to feel where their bodies start and finish so holding the feet can be a really powerful settling tool.
I teach workshops for baby reflexology and always incorporate it into my baby massage routine known as the Baby Nomad Massage Menu.
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