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What Is Baby Yoga?

What is Baby Yoga? “Baby Yoga? What do you do with your babies- stretch them?!” “How do you do yoga with your baby?” “What if my baby cries or is asleep during class?” A few comments that I regularly hear. So what do we do? We sing, stretch, learn breathing techniques, post natal yoga poses to help heal, babies receive the benefit of movement, you get more confident handling your baby, your baby trusts you, you trust yourself. Oh and relaxation – one of the most important things for you as a mother.

There are plenty of misconceptions about baby yoga and I’m here to answer your questions. Of course if I haven’t answered them by the end of this blog then do contact me or leave a comment! what is baby yoga? Birthlight Baby Yoga was developed by Francoise Freedman after spending time with parents and babies in the Amazon. In the Western world we are often afraid of the delicacy of babies that we unintentionally deprive them of movement and touch. We confine them to car seats (necessary for safety), cots, pushchairs and fear that we may hurt them if we move them outside of these confines. This is what babies are craving- the living, breathing, 360 ° experience of the outside world, at the same time being held closely to us, with us. Our bodies become our baby’s playground and I don’t mean you are there to be mauled and you put up with it. I mean that using gentle movement with your baby, combined with gentle yoga-based movement for you, you can find a mutual space for unfettered, toy free joy!

Post natal yoga is a gentle and deeply effective form of exercise, nurturing you as a new mum and respecting the huge changes that your body has gone through. We do these movements while your baby observes or they are involved in the yoga poses.

My KISS philosophy (Keep it Simple, Stupid) is important in my classes and e-courses, not because you’ve lost your brain (though you may feel like you have), it’s because you don’t leave thinking “What the hell did we do today? What was that she said? I can’t remember the words to that song”. And let’s face it, motherhood is challenging enough without you giving yourself a hard time about memory loss. My son is 10 and I still can’t remember what I went upstairs for. Leave me a comment, email me at and have a look at my e-courses.

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