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When Can I Start Pregnancy Yoga?

If you are wondering When can I start pregnancy yoga? Then here are a point points to consider.

If you’ve never done yoga before then this is a great time to start and be introduced to this wonderful form of movement. If you’ve been practising yoga for a while and you find out that you’re pregnant then carry on but find a teacher that specialises in pregnancy yoga. I advise starting pregnancy yoga from 14 weeks up to the birth of your baby. However, gentle breathing and relaxation techniques can be extremely beneficial in the first 3 months, helping to stabalise hormonal fluctuations, mood swings and exhaustion so I welcome any mums to be into my classes before 14 weeks to enjoy the quiet practice and breathwork.

So a simple answer to when can I start pregnancy yoga is it is in these early days that, even though your pregnant body isn’t showing, you can be exhausted and in dire need of rest.

Maybe you don’t want people to know that you are pregnant so you carry on as normal but it is during this time that you need the support of other women which Birthlight classes provide. The Circle of Mothers in my classes create a strong sense of community and love between women. There’s is often overwhelming advice from all quarters (wanted or unwanted) which leads you to doubt your own wisdom. This inner knowing is often buried beneath the rush and busyness of everyday life. Breath and simple yoga practices help strengthen your connection with your baby and your own growing intuition about what is right for you both. We use affirmations (or Sankalpa, meaning positive resolve) to strengthen your mental practice in yoga. Using simple, effective and repetitive techniques means that you won’t get overwhelmed. Give me a KISS any day (Keep It Simple Stupid) and then you won’t feel daft when you keep forgetting things which can be a common by-product of incubation.

I’ve had many women who were wondering when can I start pregnancy yoga? Come along to my classes and do yoga for the first time which then embeds a life long practice and love of yoga. Start attending classes early in this amazing journey. Weekly practice then leads to home or self practice which helps you listen to your inner teacher, both your voice and your baby’s voice, whispering softly to you when you create space for connection and quiet.

I have a series of e-courses available for breath work and pregnancy yoga practices. They are between 5 to 8 minutes long and contain simple, effective and repetitive techniques to support you in and out of class. I look forward to welcoming you into The Baby Nomad Circle of Mothers! Leave me a message, email me at and have a look at my e-courses.

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